Why Depression

We all have times when we feel down, however depression is more than feeling sad or fed up for a few days.

Depression causes low mood and can last a long time, not only affecting your everyday life but can show up in your life in a variety of ways. Depression is not a sign of weakness, as matter of fact depression is very common and affects large population of people.

The causes of depression is complex. It maybe genetic where a member of your family also suffers from this. It can also stem from childhood trauma. Certainly chronic or physical health problems can impact on your mood. As well as major life changing events such as relationship breakups, unemployment , bereavement, assault and many other reasons.

Few individuals may have specific reasons why they might want to continue with their depression. Such reasons as feeling they don't deserve to be happy, afraid of failure, self critical or even financial reasons.

Depression can range from having mild, moderate to severe symptoms. It can also present as sudden onset or gradually develop over a long period - in other words chronic.
Mild depression can make you feel low, as though everything is harder to do, you may have trouble making decisions. Many people feel that life has stopped being fun and lost their enjoyment in everyday things. Some people complain of difficulty sleeping or don't feel rested after sleep. Mild depression symptoms can last up to 2 weeks.

Moderate or even chronic depression is when you have symptoms that last for longer than 2 weeks. It shows up as constant low mood, irritability and constant feelings of sadness.

Major depression such as manic depression or bipolar disorder may have a genetic background. Symptoms may include feelings of worthlessness, guilt or even recurring thoughts of death or suicide.

Hence its important to speak to your doctor in the first instance. They can discuss the best treatment options for you and commence medication or refer you to a specialist if appropriate.

Therapy can be of great benefit for people suffering from mild to moderate depression. The aim of talking therapy is to tackle your negative mindset and help you free yourself from low moods and negative thought patterns that contribute to feeling depressed.

Satya Therapy's Treatment Plan for Depression

Satya Therapy’s integrative approach utilizes many therapy tools to produce results for you. The treatment aims to build and learn new coping skills and techniques to build your emotional resilience to whatever life throws at you.

BWRT BrainWorking Recursive Therapy - is a powerful talking therapy, guides you to explore your causes of depression and gives you the tools to reprogram your emotional reactions to various triggers which may be causing feeling low and depressed. This technique gives you control to switch the power of your thoughts to create a different mental reaction to the unwanted triggers.

Psychotherapy - psychoanalytic techniques focus on your past life events and how your emotional responses show up in the present. Aim to bring acceptance and healing to past emotions.

Mind-Body Medicine - activity techniques involving shaking and moving and belly breathing exercises to help everyday stress of life. Explore your genogram to identify where and why you might be suffering from ancestral anxiety and feelings of depression.

Life Coaching - Coaching can help issues of self-doubt and feelings of low mood, by giving you the tools you need to explore and remove emotional triggers of low mood and anxiety. The aim of coaching is to motivate you to take action, feel good about yourself and work towards changes that will lead you towards your full potential.

OldPain2Go - This unique therapy gets your unconscious and conscious aspects to talk to each other. Where low mood or feeling depressed is identified as being out of date program, which the brain has learnt and formed to keep you safe. This therapy helps to reprogram positive belief systems and self-worth.

There is no doubt that Satya Therapy offers a very unique approach to treating MILD DEPRESSION with remarkable RESULTS. If you have any questions about Satya Therapy’s client centred therapy for depression, including psychotherapy and holistic therapy services in Norfolk, London, and online, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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