Why Anxiety

Satya Therapy offers anxiety therapy in Norwich, Norfolk, London and online, including emotion-focused therapy for anxiety and holistic therapy for social anxiety. If you have any questions about our therapy for anxiety, then please don’t hesitate to reach out and call 07721 955871 today.

Anxiety and Stress have had an unfair press. In fact, both anxiety and stress are natural parts of our flight or fright response. It's an emotional response of "fear," lingering on from early ancestral times, which was required to keep you constantly alert and focused on any surrounding threats to your survival.

So, although we don't face the same level of survival threats as our ancestors, it's left an imprint on the subconscious mind - almost like being 'hardwired' to the same survival instinct and so our mind does not always recognise a real threat from a perceived threat. This means that when you are faced with overwhelming emotions, it's a natural fear response making you feel miserable.

From time to time, we all experience some form of external stress, such as being stuck in a traffic jam, being late for work or trying to meet deadlines, and you can add your triggers to this list. In this type of stress, your symptoms ease off once the situation subsides.
For some people, stress can be a form of motivation to achieve and act for self-improvement.

However, prolonged stress can lead to:
- health problems
- high blood pressure
- bodyweight issues
- uncontrolled anger
- increased feeling of frustration.

Anxiety on the other hand is often "internal" with individuals expressing the feeling of dread, can't handle, what ifs, shame, helplessness, anger, embarrassment, and fear. With external triggers, the situation is not threatening but your emotional reactions tend to persist even after the event has passed.

The common triggers of feelings of anxiety and prolonged stress include:
- isolation
- overeating or undereating
- substance abuse/alcohol
- lack interest in personal health
- seeking reassurance from others
- avoiding situations
- spending increased time on electronics/social media
- becoming control of others
and many other triggers.

Throughout our lifetime, we learn often through trial and error what actions to take to manage our day-to-day anxiety and stress triggers. The problem occurs when we get overwhelmed with these triggers or get bombarded with situations, that leave you feeling emotionally exhausted. This is where anxiety therapy can help.

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Satya Therapy's integrative approach to anxiety therapy utilizes many tools to produce results for you. The treatment aims to build and learn new coping skills and techniques to improve your emotional resilience to life's ups and downs.

BWRT or BrainWorking Recursive Therapy is a powerful talking therapy that guides you to explore your worst memories of anxiety and stress and gives you the tools to reprogram your emotional reactions to various triggers which may be causing feelings of anxiety or stress. This involves you taking control and switching the power of your thoughts to create a different mental reaction.

Psychotherapy - psychoanalytic techniques focus on your past events of life and how emotional reactions show up in the present and aim to bring acceptance and healing to past emotions.

Mind-Body Medicine - powerful activity techniques involving shaking and moving and belly breathing exercises to help everyday stress of life. Opportunity to explore your genogram to identify where and why you might be suffering from ancestral anxiety and stress.

Life Coaching - Coaching can help issues of anxiety and stress issues, by giving you the tools you need to remove the feeling of anxiety, stress, and uncertainty. Coaching aims to motivate you to act, feel good about yourself and work towards changes that will lead you to your full potential.

OldPain2Go - This unique therapy gets your unconscious and conscious aspects to talk to each other. Since anxiety and stress can both be an out-of-date program, which the brain has learnt and formed to keep. This therapy helps to reprogram a positive belief system.

There is no doubt that Satya Therapy offers a unique approach to treating Anxiety with RESULTS. If you have any questions about therapy for social anxiety and emotion-focused therapy for anxiety, or if you would like to book a therapy session with a holistic psychotherapist in London, Norwich, Norfolk, or online, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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