" l have been having anger issues for quite a while now. l had tried many different tpyes of therapy but they did not work out for me. l tried BWRT and within few weeks l was feeling alot calmer and being more relaxed with situations that would usually make me feel angry. Thank you Dhajinder'"


 " Hi Dhajinder. l have just got back. Well your treatment certainly has helped. l drove to Ipswich .................and Brentwood on my own. After 30years of never even contemplating to drive that far l am so pleased l have done what l have done over the last couple of days. You're a genius. Thanks so much"."

KGeneral Practitioner

 " l wanted to let you know how much my treatment has had a positive impact on my life. The isses were affecting my relationships, not only with others since childhood but also with myself. l have noticed that l don't really think about the issues that once dominated every thouhgt l had. Thanks you so much"."

P.KYoga Teacher