Brain Working Recursive Therapy (BWRT®) is a Revolutionary Online Quick-Fix Therapy for Anxiety Issues.

Want to get rid of your anxious feeling that seems to go everywhere with you?
Want to go just talk to people without breaking out in a sweat?
Want to just pass your exams without your mind going blank?
Want to be stop being so angry all the time?
Want therapy treatment from comfort of your own home?

Consider it done with BWRT®

BWRT® is Fast and Effective, especially suited for online therapy treating various anxiety issues, stress, mild depression, PTSD, Anger, Fears, Phobias and many more emotional and unwanted habits.

BWRT® uses immensely powerful yet simple techniques to bring about major relief and change for various emotional and unwanted behaviours.

BWRT® is down-to-earth approach focuses on resolving the client’s issues with solutions and on what you WANT rather than looking too deeply into finding your originating cause of a problem, you just have to find the worst memory and BWRT freezes and replaces it with a preferred memory.

BWRT® is grounded approach in science, gives an added advantage of resolving most anxiety issues within 4-5 sessions and complex issues within 8-10 sessions. Which means less time spent in therapy, so saving you money.

Science behind BWRT®
The reason why this groundbreaking modern solution focused therapy is so fast and effective, can be explained by the fact that the therapy is based on research work from the field of neuroscience. Scientific findings shows that although most of us like to think we make conscious decisions and choices after mulling over things, actually a decision is often made before we even mentally know about it. In other words, your decision making is an unconscious process, based on what your brain has learnt and stored previous experiences over your current situation. The brain uses a complex network of neural pathways in controlling your thoughts, feeling and actions. Once established, the neural pathways rapidly scans all previous experiences to find the best match to situations or issues and this happens before you are consciously aware of it. This would explain why even when you want to consciously stop your worrying or anxious thoughts, it just seems to get worse and you can’t stop experiencing these thoughts.

Leading Psychologist and creator of BWRT® Terence Watts, was inspired by the American neuroscientist Benjamin Libet's experiment of 1983, which pointed out that there exists a tiny pause or a ‘cognitive gap’, between the brain starting to do something and you becoming aware of it- only matter of half a second and it’s in that gap that BWRT® was developed to access or ‘redirect ’ the brains message and so the client can change the response pattern to trigger situation or behaviours using the same neural pathways which the brain has been accustom to.

BWRT® is already used by a handful of NHS psychologist in the UK to help treat a wide range of psychological issues and also currently under trial by NHS Psychologist.
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What issues can BWRT® help with ?
Anxiety & Stress
Generalised Anxiety Disorder
Relationship problems
Mild Depression
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Weight Management
Public speaking fear
Imposter syndrome
Fear of failure
Fear of flying
Fear of exams
And many more issues

Dhajinder is a Certified Advanced BWRT® Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Life Coach and Mind-Body Medicine Practitioner. Based in Norwich and Norfolk area.
Dhajinder is able to work on all of the above issues and more, using either BWRT or other Therapeutic methods.
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