Did you know that it's completely possible to experience Reiki's beneficial effects without being in the same physical space as the therapist? At Satya Therapy, we offer Reiki healing and distance healing in London, Norwich, Norfolk, and online.

It may surprise you that physical touch is rarely involved with Reiki treatment, often called distance healing, a type of energy healing developed in Japan at the turn of the century. Reiki is a high vibrational energy force that is transmitted through a practitioner, who has specific training and is attuned to that energy. The force of this energy moves from the universe, through the practitioner to the recipient.

Reiki Healing Near Me

Reiki distance healing is especially beneficial to reducing anxiety, pain, pre and post-operation, self-confidence, job interviews, moving home and many more areas of life. Satya Reiki meditation and distance healing offer an individually tailored therapy, combing up to date modern and traditional techniques to achieve powerful and long-lasting results.

For some people, especially if it’s their first time, it can take a logical leap out of the conventional thinking to believe in long-distance Reiki wellbeing or healing. Why not give it a try? You will be amazed at what you can achieve using Reiki Therapy.

Are you interested in Reiki meditation and distance healing near London, Norwich, Norfolk, or online? Then arrange a free telephone consultation by calling 07721 955871.