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Do you suffer from Anxiety, Stress or simply just 'can't stop worrying'?
Tried every other therapies ?

Now experience amazing results using neuroscience based BWRT

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Unique Technique


‘BWRT®’ is a new talking therapy, using a unique technique which involves You recall and visualise your troubled thoughts or emotional reactions and then simply replacing it with a preferred or positive response. The simplicity of this therapy, means that the preferred response comes from your own powerful subconscious mind, which then becomes part of your new neural pathway leading to fast and lasting changes. You will be astounded by the results.

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Dhajinder Shakir is trained BWRT Practitioner at Level 1: General Psychopathology & Level 2:  Psychology of Identity and Behaviour.

Dhajinder has a background in nursing, working for the NHS and in the past few years has undertaken various courses in psychotherapy, including BWRT, Hypnotherapy, OldPain2Go, Life/Health Coaching and Reiki. 

Dhajinder says she was naturally drawn to specialising in treating anxiety, depression, stress and reducing/eliminating chronic pain. This interest and passion was motivated by her experiences and exposure of working in the health service, as well as her personal struggle of seeing her mother Satya ( Sanskrit for 'true' ), coping with long term medical problems yet always looking at the positive side of life.

The aim of therapies is finding a solution so you can let go of any unwanted or unhelpful thought patterns which is causing your life to be miserable. For Dhajinder, BWRT offers science based therapy. In her opinion, this therapy is the therapy for the future and is passionate to spread the news of the therapies Fast Effectiveness. 

Dhajinder's multi-cultural background and experiences of life, provides an open, honest and non judgemental approach to all her clients who chose to work with her.

Free complimentary initial consultation via Mobile phone WhatsApp, Skype and Zoom.

The first consultation includes an assessment. This assessment allows you to ask questions about any of the therapies used and together create a unique treatment pathway for your presenting issue.

Dhajinder is based in Norfolk and mainly provides on line therapy using Zoom/Skype which can be used with BWRT. 

Also happy to provide face to face appointments at:

The Complementary Health Care Clinic, 34 Exchange Street Norwich.
East Point Consulting Room, James Paget Hospital, Lowestoft Road, Goleston Great Yarmouth.

Is This You?

"I'm a quiet person and afraid that people will reject me if I stand out. I don’t know the best way to have a social conversation so l avoid going out ”

“I feel depressed. I sometimes feel very worried and anxious. At times I don’t know what I need or want. Life feels empty.”

“I am very hard on myself. I have a lot of self-critical thoughts, it affects my relationship with work, husband/wife/partner, children and friends "

"l sometimes fear something when there is no real reason to do, but l don't know how to change"

" I sometimes give up on something without even trying "

" l don't go on holidays which involves flying - because l fear something dreadful will happen to the plane "

Imagine what your life would be like if you could get rid of these negative thoughts.

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The Complementary Health Care Clinic, 34 Exchange Street, Norwich, NR2 1AT. 

Contact: 07721955871 /

East Point Consulting Rooms. James Paget Hospital, Lowestoft Road, Goleston-on-Sea. Great Yarmouth NR31 6LA

Contact: 07721955871 /


 " l have been having anger issues for quite a while now. l had tried many different tpyes of therapy but they did not work out for me. l tried BWRT and within few weeks l was feeling alot calmer and being more relaxed with situations that would usually make me feel angry. Thank you Dhajinder'"


 " Hi Dhajinder. l have just got back. Well your treatment certainly has helped. l drove to Ipswich .................and Brentwood on my own. After 30years of never even contemplating to drive that far l am so pleased l have done what l have done over the last couple of days. You're a genius. Thanks so much"."

KGeneral Practitioner

 " l wanted to let you know how much my treatment has had a positive impact on my life. The isses were affecting my relationships, not only with others since childhood but also with myself. l have noticed that l don't really think about the issues that once dominated every thouhgt l had. Thanks you so much"."

P.KYoga Teacher