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Benefits to Clients

* Break away from negative thought patterns * Increase self-esteem * Build confidence * Increase emotional Resilience * Feel in control of your life * Heal from past traumas * Improved relationships * Enhanced work life * Freedom from emotional fears * Improve sleep * Feel empowered * Increase physical wellness


Dhajinder has a background in nursing and was naturally drawn to explore and retrain as a Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist. She has a particular interest in treating anxiety, depression, stress and reducing/eliminating chronic pain. This interest and passion were motivated by her experiences and exposure to working in the health service, as well as her personal struggle of seeing her mother Satya (Sanskrit for meaning ' true'), coping with long term medical problems and always looked at the positive side of life. Dhajinder believes that today's extensive research in the field of neuroscience is a game-changer for effectively treating various anxiety-related issues with much faster and lasting results.

Free 30 Minutes Phone Consultation
Satya therapist appreciates that deciding to see a psychotherapist may not be an easy choice. You may be feeling nervous about sharing intense emotional challenges you are facing. You might not know how therapy works. This free session allows you to ask questions about how therapy works and how it can help with your main presenting concern. It also allows you to make an informed decision about treatment before investing your money.

Initial Session
Following the initial phone consultation, a 60-minute session will be scheduled. This session is about gathering important personal and medical history, detailed information regarding your current challenges and creating an individualized tailored therapy plan. Clients are advised to read terms and conditions and privacy policy for the therapy.
The psychotherapist will outline what techniques or combination of techniques will be used to achieve the goals for your presenting issue.

Depending on your issue and therapy goals, therapy can last 4-8 sessions. If you have any questions about Satya Therapy’s holistic therapy services, including client-centred, transpersonal psychotherapy, solution focused grief therapy, holistic, and spiritual therapy in Norfolk, London, and online, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

60 Minutes Session cost £65.00

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 " l have been having anger issues for quite a while now. l had tried many different types of therapy but they did not work out for me. l tried BWRT and within few weeks l was feeling a lot calmer and being more relaxed with situations that would usually make me feel angry. Thank you Dhajinder ""


 " Hi Dhajinder. I have just got back. Well your treatment certainly has helped. I drove to Ipswich and to Brentwood on my own. After 30 years of never even attempting to drive that far l am so pleased l have done what l have done over the past couple of days. You're a genius. Thanks so much ""

KGeneral Practitioner

 " I wanted to let you know how much my treatment has had a positive impact on my life. The issues affecting my relationships, not only with others since childhood but also with myself. I have noticed that I don't really think about the issues that once dominated every thought l had. Thanks you so much. ""

P.KYoga Teacher

 " A quick message just to say thank you for all your help with me earlier in the year. A really tough one for me & you helped greatly, so really appreciated. Merry Xmas and a very Happy New Year ""


 " I want to thank you for using Reiki to sell my house. For months we had no viewing let alone an offer. That changed when you did Reiki. Thank you Reiki""


 " l use the sleep technique you taught me, so simple- just wish l had came across this technique years ago. Thank you""

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